"Can I Run To You"


Artist: Michael Ray

Song Title: “Can I Run To You”

By International Music Reviewer Rhonda Readence

Michael Ray, pianist extraordinaire, cites rock, R&B and gospel among his musical influences, and there are certainly elements of R&B in his single “Can I Run To You” There is also a bit of a jazz essence as well, and it’s not a stretch to imagine Michael Ray singing gospel either. Michael is accompanied by his brother Stephen on drums as he gracefully performs his single “Can I Run To You”

The piece begins with some of the most melancholy and beautiful piano work to humble the music world in recent past. Michael’s vocals are rich and smooth, as he delivers the well-written lyrics of this exquisite love song. Stephen’s percussion work is the perfect compliment to the bittersweet melody of this piece and the entire rhythm of this track is one of gently flowing water.

“Can I Run To You” is truly an artistic vision, not only within the instrumentation but also within the lyrics. Michael Ray’s skill as a songwriter is predominately apparent as he is able to reach into the depths of his own soul to find these words. This song is about love and acceptance and finding the one person who completes you. Anyone who has ever been in love will find a kinship with this song that will last indefinitely.

The track length is perfect, as it gives listeners a good sense of Michael’s talents and beautiful lyrics without becoming repetitive and allowing the attention to wander. The sound quality is likewise exceptional and each gracefully played note on the piano rings out with clarity. Stephen’s light percussion is also engineered with skill, as it keeps the song moving elegantly along without becoming the focal point at any time during the track.

Overall, “Can I Run To You” is skillfully written and brilliantly composed. The instrumentation and sound quality are exceptional, and the vocals are solid throughout. The piano playing is simply beautiful and Michael Ray’s single will have no problem standing on its own. After hearing this piece, fans will likely seek out the full-length album because they will undoubtedly be impressed with just about every aspect of this track, as they should be.

By International Music Reviewer Rhonda Readence


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